First of all my name is Hakon Pankratz, but you can call me Hawk. Now I’m not your run of the mill bloggers, I don’t write because I’m angry or misunderstood, neither am I concerned about politics or other useless things happening in the world today. The reason I write is to inform my supporters, churches, and friends about things that happened or will happen on any local and foreign mission trips. In making this blog I have several goals.

1- To give all the glory, for mission trips and anything else I may post, to God. If I start to deviate from this goal please remind me of my purpose.

2- To grow in maturity in Christ and my knowledge of Him.

3- To inform people undertaken missions.

4- To inspire others to serve God and to grow in Him.

Other goals will probably appear over time but these are the main ones. Thank you to all who might read this or continue to read my posts.

May the Lord bless you and keep you!