To my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I am writing this letter to you in the glory, love, and grace of God our father. I pray that you are doing well these days and that God’s glory is being shown to the world through you. God has been merciful to me these last few years, in that He has been allowing me to serve Him among the students of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and to the local communities, while giving me the grace to grow spiritually in His word.

This July 28th through August 9th, I will undertake a mission trip with Belle Aire Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, TN in partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB). I cannot disclose the location of this trip, but it will be in South Asia in an area code named Jericho. Because Christianity is forbidden and persecuted in this area, we will not be able to evangelize openly. However we will be able to strengthen and disciple the local Christians, as well as work with the people in the area.

I ask that you would consider partnering with me financially. I have a set goal of $1,600, which I am working toward, I humbly ask for your help in making this goal possible. I also ask for your prayers and blessings this summer as God leads me to these areas. Please pray that I may effectively show God’s perfect glory and love to these peoples, in hopes of furthering His kingdom. Also please keep in mind the many summer college missionaries going on their trips as well, that they may also show God’s love, glory, and mercy!

May the Lord bless you,

Hakon Pankratz


P.S. All donations can be considered tax deductible, just make a check out to Belle Aire  Baptist Church, with the memo space blank.