This is notes I took tonight while reading Romans chapter 1. It is my own thoughts as I read, saying so, I am only human. I strongly suggest that you read the chapter for yourself.

Romans Chapter 1.

Verses (vs.) 1-7.

Like all letters written by Paul, he opens this one up with a greeting and offers up praises to God, while solidifying the qualifications of Christ. He also says that all authority over us is given to God and that our discipleship is also through Him for His glory.


Vs. 8-15

Paul shows a remarkable joyfulness, in that, through the brothers and sisters in Rome the gospel is being spread. He also mentions that he always prays for them and that he longs to preach and be among them. Paul sets an amazing example for how we as Christians should act towards are brothers and sisters in Christ, they should always be in our prayers, that because they are serving Christ where ever they may be and in so spreading God’s word and glory, and that we should long to strengthen and learn with our fellow Christians.


Vs. 16-17

Ah verse 16, the creed of a believer. Because God’s word is so powerful that it can save anyone from eternal damnation, we have no reason to be ashamed of proclaiming it! I will be honest, I have a really hard time just stepping out and saying I am a follower of Jesus, but I pray that God will take away my timidness, take away my weakness and transforms me into a Christian who is not ashamed. When Paul mentions that “to the Jews first and also to the Greek” he is showing the progression of Christianity. Christ first appeared to His people, the Hebrews, but after His death and resurrection in Acts 1:8 (Christ’s own words) “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”. After the Apostles spread across the hebrew lands, soon the word of God was brought to the gentiles (the Greeks). Does this mean that the word left the Jews? By no means! They are still His chosen people, but now us gentiles are brought into God’s fold.

Its pretty cool how through faith in jesus, God’s righteousness is shown for the strengthening of not only our faith but the faith of those around us. Which makes for a never ending circle of strengthening and a growth in faith, and for a true Christian I can think of no better reward.


Vs. 18-23

Disclaimer. For anyone reading this who is new to the faith or not a believer in Christ, this passage and several others will probably not make a lot of sense and seem hard and cruel. The first time I truly thought about it, I struggled with it. Yes you should still read it, but you got to have complete faith in God through out reading it.

In our sin we will suppress what we know to be true, that we are sinners and that what we do is horrible and wrong, hence why there is no peace in the world and its a generally a messed up place. Because we suppress God’s truth we all deserve His wrath and eternal separation from Him. See no one can truly say that do not know there is a God and truths about Him. You can clearly see God’s divine nature, His holiness, perfection, and glory, while also seeing His power, creation of the world and everything in it and His control of of everything that, has been done, is being done, and will be done. Anyone who breathes air, feels the air and touches earth, who sees all of natures splendor, is seeing God’s work. So we have no excuse.

And thus we see our plight. Through out the ages people have know the truth but they prefer to believe that they are in control, they know whats right. And in so have sinned and fallen into foolishness. We believe that either, we, a creature, nature, or all of it is “god”, thus putting our fake “god” is a controllable box.


Vs. 24-25

Because of our pride and foolishness God gave us over to sin, a fate worse than a physical pain and death, but we all deserve it. We ruined our lives, our planet, our hearts and minds, all for a lie. A lie that hides the fact that we are covered in sin, a spiritual tar pit, and that standing right next to us is God waiting for us to give up the lie and accept Him. Funny how Paul sums it up, “for we served the creature, rather than the Creator”, sad.


Vs. 26-27

Disclaimer. This passage deals with homosexuality. First, do I believe its a sin, yes, BUT so is lying, pride, lust, and so on. Second, I will never damn any unbeliever for being a homosexual, their is no difference between me when I was not saved and them, I cannot damn them for they do not know Jesus personally yet.

In the hebrew and a lot of eastern cultures homosexuality is very looked down upon, seen as the ultimate debauchery, the lowest of the low. Paul is showing the severity of the lie we believe, and how far we have fallen.


Vs. 28-32

Paul goes on in these verses to list sins that we do, it sobers me to read them and see how many I struggle with on a daily basis, a relationship with Christ is not easy, it was never suppose to, but when you realize who Christ is, it is completely worth it. We all know that what we do is wrong, but we still do it, and in fact we support and gladly approve of ours and others sin.



Well this is chapter 1, seems like a kinda hopeless chapter, but its always dark before dawn rises.

Deus Volente